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Bathroom Facelift.


Bathroom Update


Brian Wilson

Bathroom Facelift.

This client came to us looking to complete their basement. The client already had built a bedroom, bathroom and some storage areas but were looking to have someone come in and complete their basement to include an area for a pool table. They wanted a wet bar and a media area as well.

The client specified they wanted an open concept but wanted to create some type of partitioning to separate the areas. We came up with including stretched arches or 'eyebrows' to achieve the look the client wanted.

Client Testimony

We are very happy with how our basement turned out. Kieth and his associates were all very friendly and professional throughout the project. The project took longer than as originally thought but that's what happens when the client changed design features throughout the project...

The details of the faux columns are awesome. The staircase is right on. The media area turned out spectacular and is perfect.

My wife and I would recommend KEA Home Improvements to anyone looking to update or create a new space. A year later we brought KEA in again to update our main floor bath. It turned out great!